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a bustling town on the egde of the industrial belt with a fascinating history to tell!

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a picturesque village and home to the medieval Doune Castle.

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Access to Stirling is excellent. To find your way around the region, load our Stirlingshire map and choose your destination!
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Stirling castle in Autumn o matter from which direction Stirling is approached, it is the castle and the Wallace monument that come first into view, dominating the skyline. The view from the monument is stunning whatever the weather, as is the castle, but there is much more to this ancient town, where history and the 21st century blend comfortably to offer something for everyone!
Once a county town with a bustling market, Stirling is now home to its own university (founded 1967) and as it was built around its own loch it can lay claim to being the only university in the world where students can go sailing on campus!

he old town of Stirling includes the castle and many buildings of considerable historical interest. The new town area dates mainly from the 19th century, much of the architecture reflecting the affluence of that high Victorian period.
We have a dedicated history section where you can read about the Battle of Stirling Bridge and how this part of Scotland provided the stage on which the destiny of every Scot was changed forever.

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