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Robert the Bruce oday Bannockburn is a quiet residential area on the outskirts of Stirling with very little evidence of the historical events which happened here, most of the battlefield having now been built over. There is however the National Trust Visitors Centre which provides an excellent layout of the battlefield, together with an audio-visual account of this famous battle. You can also visit our dedicated section on the Battle of Bannockburn, where you can read in detail the events of that June day in 1314.

uring the 18th century Bannockburn, in common with many Stirlingshire towns and villages, was a productive centre of cottage weaving. It was here that the firm of Willaim Wilson produced (in 1790) the first known list of available tartans.

annockburn House, a 16th century mansion, was in the ownership of Sir Hugh Paterson at the time of the Jacobite Rising of 1745. He was uncle to Clemintina Walkingshaw (only child of Bonnie Prince Charlie) and a strong supporter of the Jacobite cause. It was here that the Prince, after the defeat at Culloden, had his headquarters and stayed for a number of weeks.
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