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with it's famous 'Birks' and General Wade's bridge (1733).

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capital of Strathearn and situated in one of Scotland's most unspoiled areas.

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a pretty Victorian town nestling amidst some of the most beautiful scenery in Europe.

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The White Church even miles west of Crieff where the broad valley of the River Earn narrows abruptly, hills and mountains crowd in to shelter the Highland village of Comrie.
Standing sentinel over the village, at the mouth of the glen, is the impressive Melville Monument. Built on the peak of Dunmore in 1811 it commemorates the first Lord Melville, Henry Dundas, who was the Chief Minister in Scotland under William Pitt the Younger and who was regarded as the uncrowned King of Scotland.

Earthquake House ne of Comrie's nicknames is the shaky Toun because of its lying on the Highland Fault.
The world's first seismometers were set up in Comrie in 1840 on the site of Brough and Macpherson's - and a more sophisticated recording station was erected in a field in The Ross in 1869. Recently refurbished, Earthquake House is well worth a visit.

lthough the Romans called it Victoria, Comrie's original Pictish name is said to have been Aberlednock (Comrie is derived from the Gaelic conruith meaning 'confluence of streams'). Those streams, or rivers, flow through deep glens and it was to protect Roman-occupied southern Scotland from Caledonian attacks through the glens that Agricola built his fort at Comrie. Take a look at our Local History section for more details.

his area of Perthshire is ideal walking country, with areas such as Deil's Cauldron, Glenartney, and Glenlednock just some of the picturesque places to visit.

Ensure you get the full benefit by treating yourself to one of Strathbraan Treks many guided walks, where a professional guide will provide all the experience and knowledge to help you discover some of Scotland's many hidden natural treasures.

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