Scottish Towns Enochdhu to Kirkmichael
Length: 2 miles (one way)
Height climbed: Negligible
Grade: B
Parking: Enochdhu
Toilet facilities: None

While on this walk watch out for roe deer, red squirrels, black grouse, pheasants and capercaillies - the largest species of birds resident in the Perthshire pine forests.
Capercaillies require large areas of pine forest to survive, with heather and shrub cover on the forest floor. As the Highlands were deforested in the 17th and 18th centuries, the capercaillies were gradually exterminated. However, 55 of the birds were brought back to Scotland from Sweden in 1830 by the Marquis of Breadalbane. The bird has now become re-established with the planting of coniferous forests.

This walk is ideal for anyone who wishes a short breath of east Highland air without having to exert themselves unduly. Parking in the area is a little difficult and some of the paths employed can be muddy when the weather is damp. However, the route should pose no difficulties for anyone who is reasonably fit and healthy.

Starting from Kirkmichael, cross the bridge and turn right beyond the school. Continue along this road (which soon becomes a track), out of the housing and along the path above the River Ardle. At one point the path divides: continue along the left hand route, passed Tullochcurran Farm, over Tullochcurran Burn and on to Loch Cottage on the side of a small lochan on the edge of Kindroggan Wood. The path passes a stile into the wood, which is a Forestry Commission conifer plantation.
In a short distance the path emerges from the wood and passes Dalreoch Farm before splitting once again. If you take the left fork you will reach the Kindroggan Field Centre where information is available (in the booklets which accompany their forest walks) on the history of the area. If you turn right at the junction you will recross the River Ardle and find yourself in the small collection of houses known as Enochdhu.

For anyone looking for a longer walk, this path can be used as a connecting section for a round walk from Glenshee (see the "Kirkmichael to Lair" and "Enochdhu to Spittal of Glenshee" walks). This would total around 17 miles, including the stretch on the A93.
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