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Crieff .... capital of Strathearn and situated in one of Scotland's most beautiful areas.

Auchterarder .... an ideal touring centre just off the A9.

Comrie .... known locally as the Shaky Toun!

Muthill .... the tiny village steeped in history.


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Sma Glen mulree and the Sma' Glen, condensed into little over two miles, contains all the scenic attractions of the Highlands in miniature. Sir Walter Scott, so impressed by this glen's beauty and legend, was inspired to pen the following......

In this still place, remote from men,
Sleeps Ossian in the narrow Glen"

The narrow valley floor is just wide enough for the road and the fast-flowing River Almond, whilst towering up on both sides are the scree, rock and heather-covered slopes of Meall Tarsuinn and Dun More.

n this glen, as in so many in Scotland, can be seen the sad remains of crofting communities - tumble-down walls, moss covered foundations or just marks in a field are all that remains of generations of families scattered to the winds by poverty, disease, battles and finally the Highland Clearances.

lose by, partially hidden by trees, you might just see Monzie Castle, home of the present Chief of the Crichton clan. To the right of the road is Milquhanzie Hill, topped by a communications mast and the site of an ancient hill fort. (Many names in the area contain the letters 'q' and 'z'. 'Qu' is pronounced as 'whi' and 'z' is pronounced as 'y' so Milquhanzie becomes 'Milwhanny').

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